On Food and Film posts, starting with the most recent:

Your Dream Breakfast is Here

Cauliflower Pizza Crust? A MUST TRY

Winter Greens Lasagna

The Horror of “Get Out”

Spicy “Get Well” Chicken Soup

Best Cookbooks 2017

Best Films of 2017

Your Perfect Thanksgiving

Homemade Butter…in 5 Minutes

Simple Fruit Tarts

Garlic Salad, My Most Requested Dish

Killer Easy Soft Tacos

No Cook Farmers’ Market Pasta

A Killer Southern Supper

A Food in Film Event

Spaghetti Squash Amatriciana

Best Films of 2016

Best Books of 2016

Drop Dead Biscuits

Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving Ideas

A Movie for the Political Season, Vol. III

Short Rib Stew

A Movie for the Political Season, Vol. II

Antipasto, Please

A Movie for the Political Season, Vol. I

When Friends Cook, Vol. II

Your Ultimate Green Salad

Why Black Lives Matter Matters

A Killer “No-Cook” Summer Pasta

Ruminations on Prince

The Grand Romances of Stephen King

A Winter “Risotto”

A Food and Film Affair

Bacon Guacamole

Christmas Cassoulet Cookoff

Thanksgiving Ideas

A Perfect Breakfast

Potato Confit

Mad Max: Fury Road

“Sunday Gravy”

Your “Go To” Dip for 2015

Favorite Films of ’14

A Perfect Christmas Cocktail


A Great Movie You’ve Probably Never Seen, Vol. III

Building Your Cookbook Library, Vol. I

Cookbook Night, Vol. II

Summer Reading 2014

Food for Your 4th… ’14

It’s Called the Game of Thrones


“Never, Ever, Ever…” Vol. III


Richard Linklater’s Brilliant “Before” Trilogy

The Oscar Nominations

My 2013 Review

Winter Salads


That’s Not Olive Oil in Your Cabinet


A Great Movie You’ve Probably Never Seen, Vol. II

Cookbook Night

“Mariachi Band”

Squash Blossoms!

Spills and Service

Sunday Night Vegetable Roast

Food for Your 4th

Preserve Me a Lemon!

Summer Picks 2013

For the Movie Nerds…

Food IN Film: Finally!

“Never, Ever, Ever….” Vol. II

Best. Guacamole. Ever.

You Heard it Here First…

My 2012 Review

Christmas Traditions

A Fall Supper

Halloween Treats

Try a.. Fig!

Food and Film for a Deserted Island

Labor Day Food and Film

Technicolor Dreams

A Tale of Two Spaghettis

When Friends Cook, Vol. 1

Summer Reading 2012

10 Nightmare Bridesmaids

Memorial Day Food and Film

You Must Read This!, Vol. 1

Healthy Crack

The Chicken or the Egg…

A Great Movie You’ve Probably Never Seen, Vol. I

A Polish Obsession

“Never, Ever, Ever….” Vol. I

Justice Issues and Chinatown

A Cook/Book That Changed My Life

The Greatest Decade for Movies

The Cornbread of My Dreams

Henry Mancini and the Joy of Work

Throw Me a Chicken Leg, I’ll be Fine

In Praise of the Martini… And Diane Keaton

Why The Artist Should Win Best Picture

A Near Perfect Food

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