Best Mashed Cauliflower Ever

Ingredients for Mashed Cauliflower

In our current Keto/Paleo/Crossfit/Whole 30 obsessed world, with bread and grains and potatoes thrown into the dustbin, cauliflower has become a favorite food. Makes sense to me! I’ve always been a huge fan. Whether it be roasted simply (my favorite) or covered in cheese sauce or somehow otherwise plated, I love me some cauliflower. 

Perhaps because I’m Cajun and our main starch was white rice, I’ve never been a huge mashed potato fan. Roast or baked potatoes? Oh my. I’ll knock an old lady over for stellar roast potatoes or a loaded baked. But somehow mashed potatoes have only been useful as a reason to enjoy an amazing gravy. (Do you really need the mashed, though? How about a bowl of gravy and a spoon? Or, really, just a bowl of gravy and a biscuit? There you are!)

Yet I’ve fallen in love with mashed cauliflower, though it took me a few tries to get right. I loved the taste from the beginning. But I could never get the consistency quite right… it was always just a touch runny. Sure, butter and cream had something to do with that but, hey, you can’t have mashed anything without butter and cream.

Finally, I had an idea and gave it a try… a little cream cheese added to the mix. Wow. Perfect consistency and same great taste, you’ll never know it’s there.

So.. below… honestly, the best mashed cauliflower you’ve ever had. With a little garlic and thyme added in, even you die hard mashed potato fans might be surprised how much you like it. Even without gravy! But whether on their own (I love these mashed all alone) or with a wonderful pan sauce… upcoming in a soon to be posted post… this mashed cauliflower recipe will become a staple. 

Mashed Cauliflower
A bowl of just made mashed cauliflower… I love it all by its lonesome.

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I love this mashed so much I often double it and eat on it all week. It’s wonderful under a variety of main dishes, such as a pork chop or a white fish, or just use it as a side the way you would mashed potatoes.


1 head cauliflower

4 garlic cloves, peeled

2 T butter

2 T cream cheese

a couple of glugs heavy cream and/or creme fraiche’

handful of thyme leaves


cracked black pepper


1) Into the bowl of a food processor (or a large bowl if you’re using a hand mixer), place the butter and cream cheese so each can warm slightly and soften.

2) Remove only the green leaves of the cauliflower and break the head into pieces. NOTE: I like to use the stem because it helps create a thicker consistency.

3) In a large pot of well salted water (2-3 T) boil the cauliflower and garlic cloves until the cauliflower is soft… basically, when you can stick a knife into the pieces and the knife goes through pretty easily. You don’t want mush, though! Drain well.

3) Add the warm cauliflower and garlic to the food processor (or bowl) on top of the butter and cream cheese, along with the cream/creme fraiche’, the thyme and a few shakes each of salt and pepper.

4) Blend well until all is smooth. This mashed holds well for an afternoon, to be used later for dinner, or a few days in the fridge. Just rewarm on the stove or in the microwave.

NOTE:  I am doing a bit of an easy cheat here with the garlic, boiling it along with the cauliflower. If you have the time and inclination, you can sauté sliced garlic on the stove in a small frying pan or roast a head of garlic in the oven and add either before you puree. I’ve done both and both are wonderful. But this ‘boiled garlic’ actually works well to give a hint of garlic and saves a lot of time on a weeknight.

*UPDATE: for a marvelous twist on this, add 3 T curry powder to the food processor before turning it on. Wow. Wonderful. Thank you, Julia Reed for the suggestion!

9 thoughts on “Best Mashed Cauliflower Ever

  1. We eat cauli mash all the time. I too have found that adding some sort of cheese as a thickener works well, though I have not tried cream cheese. I usually use cheddar or whatever is in the fridge. I will have to try the cream cheese.

    Note it you use a steamer for your cauliflower and garlic, it doesn’t get as soggy as boiling. Roasting the cauliflower instead would be amazing!

    1. Meyerer! I’ve wondered about roasting, have you tried it? I didn’t know if the consistency would be right but I agree it must taste amazing. I hear you on the steamer… I’m too lazy : ) (I also usually do two full heads so I’d need a much bigger steamer tray! I’ll try it next time for sure, though.)

    1. Oh my! That sounds great, Milli… I hope they like them! If you want to elevate the garlic a little, gently saute’ thin slices of garlic on low in butter instead of boiling the garlic with the mash. Don’t let them brown. Pour that into the food processor also. Lots to thyme! : ) Please let me know what you think. I love deliver eggs so much I could eat an entire plate of them. Or, well, I have….

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