On Food And Film is the brainchild of Tom Provost, a filmmaker/graduate professor/cook/eater/film nerd living in Los Angeles, CA.

Tom’s first memory as a child is sitting in a movie theatre. He knew immediately he wanted to work in the movies and often dreamed of being on the big screen. When it came time for college, however, studying acting seemed pretty risky, so he did the responsible thing and majored in English Literature and Film Production/Criticism. Upon graduation, the lure of acting was too strong, however. Eschewing the numerous high paying jobs offers his majors afforded, Tom moved to LA where he worked as a waiter for ten years, supplemented by the occasional acting gig (lots of theatre, some commercials, a few TV roles.)

At age 30, having reached the pinnacle of his waiting tables career, Tom moved behind the camera, where he has since worked as an award-winning editor, screenwriter and director. His latest project, The Presence, was released by Lionsgate in Fall 2011 after winning a few Best Picture and Best Director awards on the festival circuit. The Presence is currently one of the more divisive movies available, with reviews from critics and audiences ranging from “A stunning film… riveting” (The Examiner) and “The most innovative ghost story I’ve ever seen” (Horrornews.net) to “I’d rather slam my hand in a car door five times than watch this movie again” and “I really hated this movie. I watched it twice just to make sure.

“I guess passionate responses are better than indifference,” Provost dryly remarks.

He is currently at work on his second feature, Mr Clark, a dark twist on It’s A Wonderful Life. Tom is a graduate screenwriting professor at Pepperdine University. You can check out other writings and insights at http://www.cinemalanguage.org

He cooks and eats every single day. A lot.

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  1. A natural fit for sure, Tom! Good luck with the Blog – although I am positive you won’t need luck to be a success in your 2 natural elements.

  2. Tom,

    I’m sure you have all sorts of great plans for this blog, but Sara and I had an idea yesterday as we were discussing your launch. You should develop a “Movie Night Menu” feature, where either you (or your readers) propose ideal food and drink pairings for watching a film, either a classic or a new release. Could even be a contest, with you posing the film, and asking your readers to send in their suggested menus.

    The archive formed under this keyword would be a very useful feature for those looking for a unique twist on popping in a disc with some friends.

    1. Great idea, Brian. I think I will wait a month and then start some kind of monthly (or every other month) movie club/dinner night. I’d love to get people to watch some of my more obscure favorites! But the contest is an excellent idea as well. Miss you two, btw!

  3. Tom…I am loving your blog! I often pour a glass of wine, pull up a chair and soak in all the greatness that this new blog of yours has to offer! Thanks for taking us on this new adventure of yours!

  4. Love the blog, enjoying reliving the PA movie days through your words…..terrific! I’m an avid reader and now a fan!!!! Happy Easter ~

      1. Your very welcome and I got my first cookbook on the list, My Paris Kitchen and trying to make up my mind on what to cook first 🙂

  5. Heard about you from my fellow PA friend PW3 regarding the Colichis recipe. Great Blog….always fun to follow a PA boy.

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