I love this green. And the cabinets are classic shaker. I don’t want the hinges to be seen like these but rather do the concealed hinges. I’d like soft close cabinets and drawers, and heavy duty ball bearing glides.

Just a second example of green cabinets. I love the first color most but the second is good also. I have a website / designer who did the first kitchen… not sure if they would give us the color or not.

The drawers we’ve been discussing. Not sure there is room for the bottom layer, I think some of them open with a soft toe kick

I wouldn’t mind something like this, as my containers get all mixed up! BUT… I also worry about this spiraling out of control cost-wise so if you could help me with that as well, I’d be grateful.

These are both nice butcher blocks though I also wouldn’t mind something more rustic looking, if possible. I think it would be best to use butcher block on the cabinet/counter/bar (I forget what you are calling it) and then something more practical around the sink. I will figure that out soon.


Here are some pantry photos:

This is similar to what we are discussing, though ours is deeper. The only drawers I need are on the left side, for onions and potatoes and the like. And the strong middle counter with the appliances would wrap around ours.

Two more similar photos: