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20 Nov


There are few things I love more than Thanksgiving. And there are few things I love more on Thanksgiving than stuffing. Just in time for the big day, then, a stuffing post. 

Or do you call it dressing??

We grew up calling it stuffing. Even though we never stuffed a bird. My mom thought it was a bit gross to stuff a bird. Subsequently I never stuff the bird either. I hear from my dear and trusted friend Phyllis that stuffing the bird creates incredibly moist, tasty stuffing. I will have to try it sometime!

Thanksgiving Table 2013

Thanksgiving Table 2013

One thing I love about stuffing is how versatile it can be. Mom, for instance, made an incredible shrimp and crabmeat stuffing I can still taste to this day. During the year she would also make a southwestern stuffing, with green chilis, black olives and cheese. A good basic stuffing recipe is incredibly adaptable to almost any flavor. 

There is also the question as to white bread or corn bread. I say, why choose? Each year I have one of each at the table. So whether you call it dressing or stuffing or, um, Stove Top (Never, Ever, Ever), below are two terrific stuffing recipes, from two very good friends. Both these recipes are so good, I make them not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the year when I have that craving for stuffing. 

Remember first a few general stuffing notes:

* Stuffing tastes better over time so you can ease your Thanksgiving by making the stuffing the day before or even days ahead. Bake it, then it can sit in the fridge a day or two, getting more flavorful, or you can make it even a week before, freeze it, then reheat it (my trick.)

* You can make fresh vegetable stock in 30 minutes or fresh chicken stock in less than an hour. Fresh stock makes a world of difference. Just do it. Click here.

* Stuffing is not an exact science. I never ever follow these recipes to the exact amount and the stuffing is always is wonderful. Just taste as you go!

For the recipes, click here —>  Continue reading

You Heard It Here First…

1 Feb

I didn’t plan it this way but how apropos (I love that word) my first post of the new year is about one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. A little set up:

I have this great friend Val. We teach yoga together. She’s beautiful, intense, sublime. She recently became engaged to a fellow named Aaron, whom I’ve come to know well through Val. Aaron is awesome. He has this terrific band I love to go hear when they play. Val often sings beside him, they are electric singing together. Through Aaron, I met his good friend Dominic, a TV producer, who is one of the sharpest people I’ve met in a long while.

These are three terrific people. You probably know the type I mean…talented, attractive, have a ton of abilities, can excel at whatever they try. If you’re anything like me, you really want to be annoyed by people like this, out of jealousy if nothing else, but then you spend time with them and find they are so down to earth and fun and charming, and anything but pretentious, you can’t help but fall in love. I keep trying to be annoyed by these three, but, lo, it is impossible.

 Um… what does this have to do with food and an amazing meal?

Well. Aaron and Dominic have created Edgeware, Click here for more!!