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Dips For Your Labor Day

4 Sep

You can’t go wrong with any of these wonderful appetizers

I have a slew of new posts prepping but in the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend with some of the best dips imaginable. Yes I’m being cocky.

But I’m also right…

This is a compilation of the best dips I’ve offered over the eight years since I created On Food And Film. (Eight years! I cannot believe this.)

Have fun and enjoy!


This is so good my friends have dubbed it ‘crack’… that’s what we all call it. Just as addictive but a lot better for you:

Pimento Cheese “crack”


This has actually surpassed my pimento cheese “crack” as the most popular dip on the blog… and for good reason. It’s incredible.

Deviled Egg Dip


This was my very first post! I wrote about this first because it is such a wonderful and wonderfully easy spread to prepare. You cannot go wrong with this on your table or counter.

Goat Cheese Spread


Is there anything more to say?

Best. Guacamole. Ever.

And never forget, you can always add bacon to guacamole:

Bacon Guacamole

Bacon Guacamole

Deviled Egg Dip

29 May

Presenting your favorite dip for summer.
Something so easy shouldn’t taste this good. 

Deviled Egg Dip

deviled egg dip

I have a theory about food…
… well, I have quite a few theories about food, but for once let me try to focus:

Theory: most foods have great versions, good versions and bad. Take a cheeseburger. There are a few incredible cheeseburgers out there (like Hilary’s Smash Burgers!) and there are terrible cheeseburgers but most cheeseburgers are just fine, thank you.

There are other foods, though, where there seems to be no in-between. It’s either amazing or crap and these foods don’t lend themselves to the average. Meatloaf, for example. When you get a tender, flavorful slice of meatloaf, it’s heaven sent. But most meatloaf is god-awful.  There’s no middle ground. Cake is another example. There are few things better than a really moist, perfect slice of cake. Yum. Most cake, though, is dry and ick and I’ve never had cake where I thought, “Yeah, fine, that’s a decent piece of cake.” Cake is awesome or it sucks. Done.

Deviled eggs fall into this latter category. There are few things I love more than a great deviled egg. Damn. I could eat a dozen in one sitting. (This is not a theory.) But I rarely eat them because 1) I won’t make deviled eggs myself as I haven’t the patience to peel hard boiled eggs without destroying them and 2) good deviled eggs are not easy to find. Even at the finest restaurants they tend to be dry, chalky and without taste. 

Imagine my thrill, then, when a close friend of mine, Jeff, who is a wonderful and creative cook, shared with me a recipe called “Egg Chive Dip.” I of course messed with it, the way I do, to move it towards deviled eggs and came up with a tweaked version of Jeff’s already stellar recipe that gives you all the wonderfulness of a deviled egg without all the hassle!

Trust me, you will be dipping into this all summer long.

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