Last Minute “Turkey in a Bag”

Easy and quick…

…but if you have time, you must do Russ Parson’s dry-brined “Judy Bird”

How to:

– Buy your turkey and a Reynolds Oven Bag.

– Season the entire bird, inside and out, with A LOT of salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Have fun, go to town. Seriously. It’s a turkey, it’s big, it can handle it.

– Cut up an apple, an onion, two stalks of celery, a lemon and stuff them into the cavity.

– Melt a stick of butter and massage the butter into the skin, everywhere, inside and out. You can even rub some under the skin if you like. Even better.

– Place the turkey in the bag. Put a handful of flour, chopped onion and celery, and a cup of white wine in the bottom of the bag.

– Seal the bag and follow the directions on the box. It bastes itself and comes out terrific.

6 thoughts on “Last Minute “Turkey in a Bag”

  1. We’ve been using this method for years (ever since having it at your place) & love it! Maybe next year, we’ll try the dry-brine method.

      1. Michelle has always done our turkeys using your “bag” method. Tomorrow, I’m cooking 2 turkeys to feed 25 people in our department, so am doing all this myself for the first time. Very thankful, as always, for your great recipes and methods!!

          1. They were awesome!! Did the same for our Thanksgiving, and just did the same for our Christmas dinner!

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